"I've been training with Sandra for a while now and I can see and feel amazing results. Sandra is always enthusiastic, even at 7am! Her passion for fitness and nutrition truly shines through. I'm a model and thought of myself as being in good shape, but Sandra has helped strengthen my core, improve my balance and I can run for miles now. I'm also a vegetarian and I was worried that I didn't get enough protein, since Sandra is also a nutritionist she helped me make sure I get enough of everything. Ironically it turned out it was vegetables that I was missing and not protein :-). Her workouts are very challenging, but very fun! Sandra always has new exercise and techniques up her sleeve."
Dominica Westling, Actress/Model

"Sandra is an intuitive and professional personal trainer, she could always read when I could do more, even though I wanted to give up. She didn't let me just talk about starting a fitness program, she motivated me to get going! Our sessions were always balanced, they were programed well, and still fun!” 
Mara Marek, Director of Sales and Marketing

"I am honestly stronger than ever after 2 months of working out with Sandra. I started to see changes in my body after a few weeks with no change in my diet. She's great at what she does. No workout is never the same so she keeps me interested. I can only imagine how much more I can improve my body with more time. I have recruited two family members and there will be many more to come!" 

Robin Everage, Owner -Brilliant MindsChildcare

"Sandra is an excellent personal trainer in more than one way. She makes each workout challenging, with individualized exercises to fit your needs.  The diverse training methods, and locations makes each session fun and interesting. She has inspired me to actually wanting to work out on my own a few times a week, which is an amazing achievement! Her professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle!" 
Anja Carlsson, Interior Designer

​“Sandra is a phenomenal personal trainer.” I am a single mom with very limited time to work out, so, not only do I need my exercise, but I need my exercise session to have a maximum impact and maximum benefit every time. This is what Sandra does for you. I used to work out on my own before, but never have I felt so great after a workout as I feel after working out with Sandra. I feel strong, energized, and ready to take-on my day and keep up with my 2.5 year old. Sandra provides you with a complete body work out which is fun, safe, and exciting in less than an hour. You can’t beat that! And, as a result of her expertise in training, nutrition, and how to keep your body strong and healthy, Sandra provides you with a workout that is targeted toward your needs, areas of improvement, and personal desires. Not only are her work outs fun, motivating, and exciting, but the outcome is REAL!” 

Ayesha Madni, Professor


"I am thrilled to have met Sandra and hired her to help me develop a personal training routine. It's always been hard for me to get motivated to work out with my busy schedule, but Sandra inspires me to make the time and stick to a plan. Sandra has in depth knowledge of nutrition as well. I would highly recommend anyone from beginners (like me) to professional athletes to work with Sandra." 
Neil Greene, Senior VP - Sales & Marketing

"I was skeptical about personal training in general, but I was having trouble getting results so I decided to try a free first session with Sandra. I was immediately impressed with her attention to detail and knowledge. It became immediately clear that I was getting far superior results working with Sandra compared to working out on my own. She helps me work out muscles I wasn't even aware I had! After years of on again off again self training, basically treading water and going no where, I am happy to finally be getting real results working with Sandra." 
Christina Norman, Lead Gameplay Designer

"If you are looking for the perfect personal trainer… that would be Sandra Jersby. Sandra will provide you with workouts that give you quick results while making your exercise program a lot of fun. Her workouts incorporate strength training, cardio, balance exercises and flexibility in a variety of ways so that they never become boring. Sandra's knowledge and professionalism are impressive, but her personal attention to detail and results and her cheerful, caring manner are unbeatable. And her energy and enthusiasm are contagious!  I travel a lot so my workouts have to happen while I’m in town. Sandra is excellent in that she designs my exercise program to meet my specific schedule and fitness goals. I highly recommend Sandra for your very individual workout journey!” 
Martina, CEO RMF

"I began training with Sandra a few months ago. She definitely keeps me motivated and pushes me to give it my all during the workouts so I am ensured a maximum benefit from the time we spend together. She constantly changes the routines and keeps it fun and different every time so I keep coming back for more. I highly recommend Sandra to help you reach your personal fitness goals."

Cindy Redjo Setyono, Accountant

"Sandra has given me the tools to change my life! Not only is she great with a training schedule of four days a week but if I were out of town I would call her for a video or if I could put her in my suitcase!! This year she trained me and reshaped my body with strict form placement and customized strengthening exercises .. She is the only trainer I have been able to work with who hasn't injured me! 6 weeks lost 6%bodyfat and 17 inches off my waist. Sandra is all around amazing with nutrition and fitness counseling! I will keep her close forever"

Jessica Paige, Massage Therapist

"Sandra is an excellent trainer. She very knowledgeable and is very clear when explaining concepts. She up to date on anything new in the field of exercise and nutrition. Sandra come very prepared to my training session. She keeps me focused and motivated, which isn't always an easy task... Over all she is an excellent trainer. you will get noticeable results. She is wonderful. I am lucky to have her as my trainer"

Karen, Psychologist

"I had the amazingly good fortune to have met and worked with Sandra Jersby for the past year.  Because of her guidance, coaching and advice I far surpassed my expectations and goals!  At 64 years old I really wasn’t sure what results I could achieve even though I have been working out for the past 40 years.   With Sandra’s guidance around my nutrition and weight program, I lost 9 pounds and 5% body fat.  According to the statistics in the industry, I now have a body fat of a 39 year old!

  The Merriam Webster dictionary describes inspiration as:  something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create:  a force or influence that inspires someone.  Sandra is all those things and much more.  She inspires me every day to be a healthier version of myself!

  Sandra has been a major source of inspiration in my ongoing quest for personal fitness.  I have had many personal trainers over the years, and have always been generally “in shape.”  But I have reached a new level of fitness thanks to the fitness and nutrition program that Sandra prescribed for me.  Here’s what makes Sandra such an inspiring coach: Credibility, Concern, Knowledge, Creativity and Kindness.

  Sandra is one of the most knowledgeable, smart, warm and realistic coach/trainers you could work with.   She helps you understand how the body works, and how to be patient and trust that following the program will, in time, deliver the desired results.

  She is exceedingly generous with her time, listening carefully to your needs and concerns, and is able to inspire confidence that you can do it!

  I was looking for a trainer that had the perfect combination of knowledge about personal training and nutrition as results aren’t possible without considering both components.  Sandra fit my requirements in every way.  She always made me see and feel that what I wanted was possible given that I was willing to put in the work, and be patient with myself, which I did for over 8 months.  And the results are truly amazing, and equally as incredible as losing the weight and body fat, I have managed to maintain my ‘new’ body over many months which I consider almost as important as being able to loose the weight.  

  I feel so lucky to have Sandra as my fitness mentor and coach!!"

Gerilynn Bergh, Business Consultant