Why Corrective Exercise Is For You!

Think of the body as a home. If you have all the house lights on, your electric bill is going to show that the energy you’re using is significantly higher than if you sat around in the dark all the time.

As an NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), what I do is determine where your muscle imbalances are (most of us have them) and pinpoint which muscles are not being utilized as they should (lights off, no energy output). Through isolated strengthening and dynamic movements, I will turn that muscle on (lights on, use of energy). Ultimately, I want every muscle in your body “turned on” with no compensations. Just like the lights in a house, the more muscles you have working properly, the more energy your body will require. The more energy you’re using, the easier it will be to achieve your body-fat goals.

As for building muscle and increasing performance, corrective techniques work in a similar way. For an athlete, once you get all the muscles activated properly (minimal to no imbalances), you will become more explosive and powerful, with quicker reaction times and improved speed, simply because all of your muscles are working together and each muscle is doing what it was designed to do.


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