Being in your best physical shape requires work, commitment, and following a program and support system that will guide you in the right direction. After years of research and coaching everyone from the novice athlete to the competitive athlete Sandra have put together a fitness package that address each area to help you successfully achieve your goals as you stay injury free, get stronger, and faster while your physique will simply become a byproduct of the hard work and dedication you put into your training.

Training Program

What is your goal? Whether you’re looking to master a new sport, lose 10 pounds, complete a 10-K or simply stick to a regular workout schedule, reaching your diet and fitness goals can be daunting. That’s where Sandra's training program comes in. It’s packed with challenging workouts geared towards your fitness level that will safely improve your strength and increase your endurance, and by constantly switching up the workouts, you’ll have fun while achieving your goals. 

Fitness Assessment


How fit are you? You probably have an idea how fit you are, but knowing the specifics can help you set realistic fitness goals, monitor your progress and maintain your motivation. The assessment covers information regarding your cardiorespiratory fitness, body stats, strength, power, and movement abilities as well as past present and medical history. From this profile of status, needs, and goals, Sandra can create an individualized training program specifically tailored to you.

Tracking Results


No matter what exercise activity you participate in, your primary goal is always to improve performance, strength, body definition, endurance, and so on. Whether you are a hard-core athlete or just an occasional jogger, you will undoubtedly feel rewarded when all of your hard work begins to manifest itself in the form of faster times, leaner muscles, pant size dropping, and more. In order to keep you on track your body needs to stay healthy and injury free but challenged enough to gain results and ultimately reach your goals. This is why Sandra keep close record of all your workouts by constantly monitoring and adjusting your program to maximize your progress.

Specialty Training - Sport Performance


In an increasingly competitive professional environment, with the added pressure of media attention, athletes have to perform at increasingly higher levels and still avoid injury. Whether you are a competitive athlete or a weekend warrior, the NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) Program that Sandra utilize to gain optimum results will help you to succeed at any level, in any sport through a highly individualized, integrated training program that enriches training and enhance performance. It’s so good, top teams in the NFL and NBA have now begun requiring the NASM-PES credential.




Nutrition plays a HUGE role in your body transformation and goes hand in hand with your exercise program. Weather you are setting your goals for weight loss, performance, or sculpting it’s crucial that you are on a nutrition regimen that supports your body and ultimately achieve the results you strive for. Currently, Sandra works with one of Los Angeles finest certified integrative nutritionists Elissa Goodman,, who has changed many life’s with her “sought after cleanse programs in LA (at Café Gratitude and M Café). Sandra also collaborates with Limitless365 founder and creator Justin Miller,, who will work with you to create custom nutrition plans and help you to discover your unique strengths, talents, and abilities. He is also a pretty entertaining guy, so you know…it’ll be fun to.

Massage/Chiropractor/A.R.T/Physical Therapy


After years of researching and testing various therapists, Sandra found a solid team who have worked on professional athletes from LA Galaxy, LA Dodgers to novice athletes and really are the best of the best in helping to restore your body back to homeostasis and keep you on track with your training. It’s important to know that whatever you give out (training) you have to put back in (therapy work) to keep your body running smooth and consistent and to avoid injuries. Invest in your body today and set up an appointment with one of these professionals and get your body right now:

Fabrice Gautier, RPT

LA Main Physical Therapy, Inc.

(310) 273-7660

Barrence Baytos

Neuro Muscular Therapy

(310) 913-0299


Dr. Tarek Adra, D.C., L.A.c.

(310) 247-8414


Dr. George Billauer, Chiropractor

(424) 262-1951


Kim Valentino, Licensed massage therapist

(702) 210-4647

Yours In The Longterm


Sandra's goal is not only to get you to your goals, but to make sure it becomes a life changing experience throughout your journey by challenging you both physically and mentally to overcome any obstacles you might have not experienced or have experienced before but didn’t know how to overcome. Sandra will be there to coach you and guide you in the direction you need to take to transform you to a refreshed and invigorating version of you. By following her program, you will look, feel, and be stronger then ever before.